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A mental health comedy podcast and the online community that surrounds it

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Mental Health and Comedy?

Who is this show for?

Mental illness is unlike other socially accepted disease because it’s not as easily visible to the outside world. Many of us have been diagnosed in some way and finding others who are open about their illness is hard to come by. Welcome home.

Not all of us have diagnosed cases of illness, but that doesn’t mean we don’t struggle. For those who experience anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, and everything in between, you deserve to have a place to be heard. You are important and your pain is valid!

Not all of us know what it’s like to suffer from mental health struggles, but we have those we care about who do. It’s not about “fixing” them or telling them what they need to do. It’s about being present, and acknowledging what they are going through is valid. We hope this can be a place you can learn how to better love those that you care about most.

You may fit none of these categories, and that’s ok too! We’re not just here to talk about mental health. We’re here to find the humor in life and not take everything so seriously.
John Doe
John Doe
Sarah Doe
John Doe
John Doe

You are not alone

This world can feel isolating, especially when you struggle with an invisible illness. We’ve got your back.

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Reviews of the Show

Hear what others think about the show and our community.

“One of the most supportive and hilarious shows I’ve ever listened to. There are not many places you can find on the internet where some of your favorite names in podcasting come on and open up about their struggles so freely. It feels like you’re in the room laughing, crying, and everything in between. Even if you’ve never struggled with mental health issues, this podcast is for you.”


“Steven and Chris find a great balance of depth and transparency, while also being incredibly goofy and relatable. It’s amazing how they can combine honest conversations about mental health with games and topics that crack me up so much it leaves me laughing out loud in public (causing others to stare at me in bewilderment). I promise you will not regret giving this show a listen.”

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Our Goals

“Is This Adulting” advocates for those of us who don’t feel worthy of the title “adult.” We want to break the stigma of mental health and show that raising awareness and being vulnerable will spread joy, compassion, and acceptance in a world that desperately needs it.

Share Our Stories

There is power in being vulnerable and others they’re not alone.

Raise Awareness

Join the movement fighting against the stigma of mental health

Provide Help

Point people to a direction where they can get the support they need

Have Fun

Never stop enjoying life. Just because you’re depressed, doesn’t mean you’re depressing.

Build Community

Find friends from around the world to provide a safe and encouraging place on the internet

Spread Love

There is is enough hate and hostility in our world. It’s time we start spreading more love and compassion.

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