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Day 9 of the 12 Days of Adulting

Chris goes back to the Internet to find some of the craziest Holiday themed Items sold Online. He’s joined by Steven and another long time friend and member of the Best Friends Group Elizabeth! Here’s some of Chris’s findings:



1) 5 ½ foot Indoor Stuffed Reindeer- $6,920

indoor stuffed reindeer decoration


2) Santa Taking a Dump in the Chimney- $14.97

santa pooping in the chimney decoration


3) 6 ft Toy Soldier- $1,300

six foot giant toy soldier


4) Plush Santa Pillow of just Santa’s butt crack- $19.95

santa's butt crack pillow


5) Creepy Life Sized Santas- $999

lifesize santa decorationlifesize santa decoration


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