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Episode 21: Here comes the Bride… (with Special Guest Mike Brown)

Friend of the show Mike Brown of the Pleasing Terrors Podcast joins the guys as they look at some of the strangest news in the papers on this week’s round of News or False! Here are some of the strange stories you can follow along while you listen!



1. Man conducts test to discover which part of the body hurts the most when you’re stung by a bee.

2. Truck wrecks on Highway releasing sharks onto neighboring cars

3. Family’s cat brought down an attempted robbery in Indiana neighborhood  

  • True!
  • Man attempted knocking on window claiming someone was trying to kill him. She refused to let him in so he broke into the window, but he didn’t realize that Binkie, the family cat, had other plans. Binkie continually ravished the man, leaving him screaming begging for the cat to stop. Craziest part? He’s declawed. The man was taken to the hospital due to the extent of his injuries


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