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Ep. 64 (with Special Guest Em Schulz)

Steven and Chris are here with another AMAZING friend Em Schulz from “And that’s why we Drink” to play a BRAND NEW GAME!!! It’s called Wish List!

Chris has found really weird items on the shopping site Wish and they have to guess which is the fake of the bunch. Here are some of the crazy things Chris found!

1. Nicholas Cage Merchandise

  • A Nick Cage Tank-top of just his face

nick cage tank top

  • A Nick Cage T-shirt with like a 100 Nick’s on it

nick cage with like 100 faces

2) What’s in the Bag?

  • A book bag of a giant tiger’s head

tiger face backpack

  • A fanny pack that looks like a beer gut

beer gut fanny pack

3) Human “extensions”

  • Gloves that give you webbed hands

webbed hand gloves

  • A tube to attach to your lil boy’s wee wee to stand up to pee

tube to attach to your lil boy's wee wee to pee


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