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Ep. 68 (with Special Guest Travis McElroy!!!)

The guys invite over their BFF and man crush Travis McElroy for a super fun time. Fellow Mad Lib lover Travis decided to try his hand in this week’s edition of “Rad Libs” by rewriting Jimmy Buffett’s famous “Margaritaville.”

If you decide you’d like to play along with your BFFs here’s the template!!



Nibblin on (something gross and crunchy)

Watchin the sun bake

All of those (a group of people with a specific interest)  covered with (a lubricant of some sort)

Strummin my (a unique instrument)

On my front porch swing

Smell those (an item that’s pungent) they’re beginnin to boil

Wastin away again in (somewhere you wouldn’t expect to find Carmen Sandiego)

Searching for my lost (a type of container) of (something most people wouldn’t consider a collectible)

Some people claim that there’s a (type of career) to blame

But I know it’s (the name a real dbag would have) fault

I don’t know the reason

I (a weird alibi to have)

Nothin to show but this brand new (something weird only a rich person would buy)

But it’s a real beauty

A (a unique way to describe the taste of a wine) cutie

How it got here I haven’t a clue

Wastin away again in (funny place/location to get stuck)

Searchin for my lost (a type of container) of (something that shouldn’t be put in a juicer)

Some people claim that (a conspiracy theory) to blame

But I know it’s still (the name a real dbag would have) fault


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