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The boys meet

Chris and Steven meet a few months before they go to college together. Chris crashed Steven’s graduation party and gave a speech (True Story).


The guys graduate college and move to different cities. They start to grow apart (cue the sad music).


The guys were both struggling with their mental health, so to keep each other accountable “Is This Adulting?” was created!

Addition of blog

In order to continue to raise awareness and share their message, the guys started a blog to help give voice to those in the community!


Steven Pappas

Steven has always been an anxious boy. From the time he was 16, depression and anxiety had taken root and begun to rule his life. He’s found the battle with mental illness to be a near daily one, having struggled with medication switches, self-destructive behavior, and self-harm.

Steven’s world was shaken to the core in 2016 when he unexpectedly lost his father.  He had a full breakdown. At first, he tried ignoring it and focused on caring for his family, but eventually succumbed to it when his body finally said enough was enough. It was during this period of rock bottom that he realized it was time to DO something. For the first time in his life, he took the power back. He sought out therapy, seeing a psychiatrist, taking medication, and blogging about his struggles. These days, things are better. Not great, but better. Steven is a far more confident and laid back person. Now he has started to focus on his health, his happiness, and how he can make a difference in his own life and in the lives of others. Sure he still has bad days, but in the grand scheme of things, he is finally taking back the power from his illnesses. He hopes to show others that if it’s possible for him, it’s possible for them.


For most of his life, Chris had only experienced minor anxiety issues. However, throughout the early years of their friendship, Chris struggled to understand many of the things Steven was going through. He hadn’t had much experience being a support to someone who really dealt with mental health struggles on a consistent basis. Because of this, Chris often tried (with good intentions) to help his friend. Sometimes he was successful, encouraging and acting as Steven’s cheerleader. Other times he messed up without even knowing he was just making it worse.

Things changed, however, a few years back. For the first time in his life, Chris found himself in some emotionally toxic environments that led to severe mental health issues—and with it came the anxiety, depression, and panic attacks he’d not experienced prior. Before long he began to have people in his life giving him those same well-intentioned responses he’d so often found himself giving others. It didn’t take long for him to realize they didn’t help. He’s learned the hard way what it means to be both the one who struggles and the one who is just trying to help.

Chris Grimmett


This show is not about Chris and Steven, it’s about a community of people who care about an important cause: Raising awareness and fighting the stigma around mental health by being vulnerable and having fun. Here’s the current team that makes the show happen!

  • Chris Grimmett
    Chris Grimmett
  • Steven Pappas
    Steven Pappas
  • Lauren Vogel
    Lauren Vogel
    Production Manager

The Collection

the collection band performing

Each and every week you hear the amazing music from our friends of The Collection. Part indie/folk music, part orchestra, and all the way awesome, The Collection is made up of an incredible group of people and advocates for not only the show but the movement for fighting mental health stigma as a whole. Go check them out to see just how amazing their music is!


Is this Adulting? is more than a podcast. It’s a community that acknowledges its own imperfection and uses it to bring healing and acceptance to a divided world. The show wants to bring awareness to the reality that we all struggle. And just because someone is depressed, it doesn’t mean they are depressing. We all have our good days and our bad days.

This podcast wants to show that life is about the process, not some static image of how we’re supposed to be. We want to show how vulnerability can transform the world, and to show that we all deal with our own struggles, including many of the people we look up to most—friends, family, celebrities, and even podcasters. This is what makes us beautiful.

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Chris Grimmett

Chris lives in Winston-Salem, NC with his wife Kate and his dog Auggie. He’s passionate about making the world a better, more joyful, and accepting place. He loves hiking, sports, and all things outside (well when he’s not binge watching Netflix). He’s the most talkative, detail-oriented, laid back combination of a personality you’ll every meet. Basically he at times can get a little obnoxious…and he’s sorry about that. But he’ll love you so hard you’ll forgive him in the process.

Steven Pappas

Steven lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Katie and way too big Great Pyr named Ghost. He is bad at talking about himself. Here’s some facts:

He got a bidet because of kind words from Travis McElroy.

He once had a heart-to-heart conversation with someone trying to mug him.

He once sat on a stage with Allegra Frank, Hannah Hart, and Justin McElroy without passing out!

He is DEATHLY afraid of mascots. You should be too…


Lauren Vogel
Production Manager

Lauren is a New Jersey native with dreams of one day saying she is from New York. She was a TV and Film major in college which makes the fact that she is working on a non-visual medium very ironic. She has been told that she drinks so much coffee that it is basically a part of her identity and that she is very opinionated about EVERYTHING (both are character traits she is proud of). She is incredibly passionate about a lot of things, some of which include film production, theatre, Marvel, Harry Potter, yoga, and all things Disney. Speaking of Disney, she is scary good at Disney trivia and it can probably be considered her hidden talent. Her life long dreams are to produce award winning video content and to one day be able to provide a wonderful life for a dog.