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Getting Down and Dirty With Self Care

It’s Not All About Having Wine In A Bubble Bath

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Self care

It’s the big buzzword right now isn’t it? You can find all kinds of articles online about how to be kind to yourself, go for a walk, have that bath, drink that wine, get more sleep, exercise, eat right and say no more often. But what I haven’t seen much of is the hard part of self care.

Self care can take the form of lots of things and not all of them are fun. Remember: it’s not just about what makes you feel good, it’s also about what’s good for your mental health and that means not avoiding things. It’s about making a phone call you’ve been avoiding for weeks, cleaning a room or going out to mail something.

The Really Hard Thing

Okay, so we all hate doing the Really Hard Thing and we avoid it at all costs if it’s anxiety inducing, scary or stressful. But think of the rush you feel after you’ve done it and the weight that’s lifted off you when you’re done. Knowing that you’ve done the Really Hard Thing. Not only does it make you feel more relaxed because you’re not thinking about it anymore but you’ll get a boost of confidence because you’ve achieved something big.

It might even boost your mood by doing the Really Hard Thing. Take me, for example. Three weeks ago I started deep cleaning the kitchen. One morning a week I dedicated to cleaning an area of the kitchen. Then my mood dropped, life happened and just got in the way. It’s still there and unfinished. I realize it’s affecting my mood because it’s not done and it’s holding me back from doing other things. So I will finish it this week, no excuses, because it’s my Really Hard Thing this week. I’ll do it because I know afterward I’ll feel better and it won’t weigh on me.  

Whatever you achieve, no matter how small you feel it is, just remember you’ve done it. You achieved it and that’s a big deal. Go have that bubble bath with a beverage of your choice, listen to music, get more sleep, exercise (if that’s your thing), eat as well as you can, say no more often, and try to do one Really Big Thing every week.

Five Things You Wouldn’t Think of as Self-Care

Rearrange/deep clean a room.

Nothing beats the feeling of a clean space and if you can change stuff around it’ll look like a brand new room.

Do the dishes.

Dirty dishes can be so overwhelming, especially if it’s been a few days. Spending the amount of time to make a hot drink doing some dishes means you’re always on top of them.

Organize your medication.

Get a weekly/monthly pill organizer if you take a lot of medication and spend some time each week filling in your organizer so you have everything set out. It’s harder to forget something if the pills are already there waiting for you.

Journal/stream of consciousness write.

Write out how you’re feeling. Sit quietly with your preferred way of writing and just write. Don’t think and just let words come out. Or be more organized and write about your day in a journal and how things make you feel.

Make a to-do list so you can then cross off stuff you’ve achieved.

This is a personal favorite of mine. Write a list — it doesn’t have to be huge — of stuff you have to do and then when you do them cross them off. It’s great to have a physical and visual way to see what you’ve achieved in a day.

tiff franks

Tiff Franks

A few words about me

Tiff Franks is currently studying to be a meditation and mindfulness teacher. She loves to crochet, read and listen to music. Tiff believes that boxes and labels are for storing things, not for people. She happily defines herself as a time traveling hippie out of phase with her generation and yours. She also believes that letting your weirdness shine is a beautiful thing. Be weird, stand out, be you and be proud. Tiff lives in the UK with her husband and her cat Clara.