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Holiday Wonder

“Blinking, effervescent, constantly changing wide array of colors that sparkle in one’s eyes.”

Have you ever wondered about the true magic of Christmas?  Why do people seem more cheerful, full of emotion and constantly out and about during this time of the year?  Well for me, that reason is Christmas lights.  

Blinking, effervescent, constantly changing wide array of colors that sparkle in one’s eyes.  That twinkle or glint you see in your loved one’s eye is the lights!  Christmas lights are the source of love, bonding, kinships, a sense of peace and a community of people seeing lights with strangers.  Yes, Christmas shopping may be the number one reason for people’s activities, and trust me, I love spending money out shopping on the streets and at malls.  It gives an exhilarating sensation of “I have money and I want to spend it on all these deals and winter-themed goods!” I love me a good sweater but living in Texas leaves me with only two months of sweater weather.

But why do Christmas lights give so much more emotion than a typical family gathering? Hopefully, my reasons can shed some ‘light’ on this daunting question.

Christmas lights are:

A sense of freedom

Exhilarating to create and make decorations for one’s home

The gathering of strangers

The sensations of feeling young

A reason to go out (Zoo lights, Neighborhood lights, Lighting Events, etc.)

Hayride adventures

Seeing the various designs people display on their homes

Time with family and friends

Cold weather (I love cold weather despite living in Texas)


christmas lights trees
christmas lights zoo

“There is so much to appreciate during Christmas…but venturing out to see lights is a yearly to-do.”

However, Christmas lights are not just this list of goodies, but are a testament to the times when my Dad and I get together to decorate the house.  They are the one true special reason my Dad and I can get along and work together. Every year we decorate our home, every year we try to invent new Christmas light designs, objects, or themes.  Thanks to my Dad my love for Christmas goes beyond gift-giving and family gatherings. Christmas lights are my circuit that powers the friendship between my Dad and I that leaves a moment of delight every year when we see the lights go up.  For years I never got along with my Dad over much, our opinions opposite and expression of emotions limited, but when Christmas comes, our love for each other sparkles and glistens like the lights we create.

I also personally enjoy bragging about our lights to my friends as much as possible.  The feeling of accomplishment in decorating the best house in the neighborhood section, and recently adding my own design last year brings out the narcissist in me.  Decorating a bedroom, college campus dorm room, apartment, or rented house is a joy I partook in at any chance available during my college years. Despite the bright, luminescent colors, I could fall asleep easily with the Christmas lights hanging over my bed or along my bedroom walls.  Let alone seeing fellow classmates’ bedrooms lit up when I walked in always brought me a sense of comfort. And of course, watching the Christmas lights competition on tv of massive and even small homes decorating from their rooftops to their mailboxes is awe-inspiring. I hope to one day decorate my home so extravagantly that people will want to see my decorations every year with a sense of excited curiosity.

As you can see, Christmas lights are my pride and joy that motivates me every year during the holidays.  There is so much to appreciate during Christmas (as seen in my list), but venturing out to see lights is a yearly to-do.  I hope you the reader find bliss in Christmas light sightseeing and gathering with strangers as much as I do.  If not, I pray this blog has helped you reconsider the small moments in your everyday life that Christmas lights bring out of people.

Happy Holidays to all and a safe end of the year!

happy holidays


A few words about me

Hi, my name is Travis and I am a 2017 A&M college graduate with a major in Animal Science and minor in Psychology.  I once desired to become a Veterinarian, but now have a new goal to get my master’s in Social Work and eventually become a Therapist and or Counselor.  As of now, I work as an Animal Technician at MD Anderson the leading Cancer research facility in the US. But I am striving to find a career more in my field of interest.  As for personal interests, I love to play soccer, go walking around parks, read a book and workout when I have time, see all theatrical performances, and enjoy family and friend outings as much as possible even if I am low on cash.  A favorite quote would have to be from a Toonami commercial called “Broken Promise,” of an animated character saying “I’m not running.” I resonate with that quote because I believe in facing all challenges in life head-on, and whatever stress I encounter I utilize it!