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Letter from the Editors

happy new year

Well, here we are.

When Chris put out the call asking for volunteers to help with the blog (back in, what was it, March, April?) it was a no-brainer for the three of us. Help people tell their stories, open up, and have some necessary catharsis while engaging with the community?


And so, four strangers, united by their love of a mental health podcast and a desire to expand on the good work it was doing, met via the magic of digital screens to make plans for the blog’s first year. How could we make things easiest for our volunteer writers and editors? How were we going to split the work? Was anyone, in fact, going to read this thing we were making?

Thankfully the answer to that last question was “yes” and we are grateful for all of you who have taken the time to read the wonderful posts our writers have shared, as well as stuck with us through our quieter months. We, as a team, have had some serious laughs and some serious sads along the way as well as our share of transitions. We’ve had some ups and downs in figuring out what is working and what is not (mainly productivity platforms that maybe aren’t so good for productivity), as well as how to boost involvement and problem-solve on the fly.

roller coaster

We’ve had personal ups and downs too. Whether it was taking a much-needed hiatus, moving to a new state, navigating post-college life, or just trying to get a decent night’s sleep after Election Day, we’ve all been on a journey exploring what we need for self-care and where our limits lie, just like so many of our readers and writers. And like our readers, we’ve benefited from the stories shared on this blog. Life’s one big learning process, after all.

As we move towards 2020, we want to continue highlighting the amazing voices of our community while also encouraging ourselves to do better. There is much that can be improved upon as well as creative ideas that have not yet been put into motion. We are very excited for what this year will bring and hope you will join us on this ride. 

All in all, we’re ready to be ending 2019 on a high with our Jingletime celebration and to be diving headfirst into the roaring 20s with plenty of plans for the blog. We are so grateful to our amazing volunteer team who has helped us share our community’s stories.

Here’s to 2020!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Blog Squad: Emily, Katie, and Sara

Emily Ridener

A few words about me

There are quite a few mottos I like to sling around including but not limited to, “Life is short, eat the cupcake,” “What would Wednesday do?” and perhaps most importantly, “What’s so great about normal?” I don’t approve of people who put others down because society has taught us they are “less” and I choose to use my words to share truth, do no harm, and combat ignorance.

Katie Clarke

A few words about me

Katie is a gentle soul with a snarky side who loves curries, traveling, and cats, is deeply afraid of losing all her friends and/or being lost at sea, and thinks cake is dreadfully overrated as a food item. She aspires to be as good a human being as she can be and to leave the world a little better than how she found it.

sara schwartz

Sara Schwartz

A few words about me

Sara is a recent college graduate from New York. When she’s not writing pen pal letters, she’s listening to podcasts or working as a web designer.