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You Are Not Alone

Trigger Warning: Abuse

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Depression; it happens to all of us. Whether it is due to sadness or stress, everyone should be aware that it is a serious mental disorder and must be taken seriously. We have all been in situations where our mood gets the better of us. Our minds make up situations and show us these scenarios of what might happen, or will happen or could happen; thus rendering into a state of unwelcoming depression.

Depression can take its toll on the average person. A number of things can be the cause of it: an abusive relationship, loneliness and isolation, unemployment, the death of a loved one, and even lengthy periods of work stress. It is imperative to take it seriously at all times. If you are feeling such a way, you are not alone.

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In high school, I suffered depression after staying in an abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend. I wasn’t attacked physically but emotionally and mentally. I was blinded by what I thought was love, but in reality, it lessened my self-esteem and my emotions became dreadful. I dealt with this for five years. I was introduced to drugs and heavy alcoholism to cope with my moods, and my grades were slipping rapidly. I went from a happy-go-lucky individual to a dismal, pessimistic character. Before I knew it, I realized I was facing depression.

At first, I felt ashamed. I hid it from my loved ones. I was an overachiever to them, and they all thought highly of me. I was afraid of what others may have thought of me. You think this feeling would go away, but my depression was just getting worse by the day. You feel as though no one might care or would call you a Drama Queen or someone seeking attention.

Instead, I got the opposite. I told a friend and she gave me a hug stating, “I’m sorry you feel this way. Let’s get you the help you need. It’s going to be okay.” I cried as I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Today I am in a new healthy relationship, have great friends, have a great job and use my pen to write stories each day, mainly comedy since I love to laugh and make others giggle too. I use writing as a way to escape my sorrows. Creativity is such a powerful tool and I no longer turn to drugs or alcohol besides on occasion.

“If you have depression, you aren’t alone; you don’t have to face it alone. Tell someone, a friend or relative. It is going to be okay, there is hope. Don’t be ashamed, someone is here to listen. WE are here to listen!”

YOU can survive this. Reach out, keep up with social activities, meet new people, get active and support others. You will be surprised on what the outcome can be. Consider your strengths, gifts, or blessings; you are here for a reason. Most of all, don’t forget to be patient with yourself. Depression takes time to heal.

saelly alvarez

Saelly Alvarez

A few words about me

I am a writer. Writing is and will always be my passion. I love to tell stories and express my feelings through my words. When I’m not writing I enjoy hanging out with friends, traveling and reading a good book with a bottle of wine right by my side to end my night.